October Update

I would like to take this opportunity to say a “big thankyou” to Macca for all his hard work in organising some great treks over the past three years. I know I have some big shoes to fill!

As a result from everyone’s hard work I am pleased to report that a cheque for $80k has been given to Starlight.

Starlight was overwhelmed, they asked me to pass on their thanks to everyone for contributing in raising this money. There is no doubt the impact that we all play in brightening the lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children as a result of these efforts.

The event would not be possible without YOUR assistance and hard work.

IT IS MOST APPRECIATED! So keep up the good work and get planning for 2011. Let’s see if we can get to $100K next year!

If you have any suggestions for the 2011 Trek, then I would love to hear from you.


Trek Reunion

Have you got the date in your diary? 12 March 2011
Further details in November’s newsletter.

Message from the treasurer

I would like to mention that it is really good to see that people are already claiming their place in next year’s trek by putting in their deposits – we already have deposits (or partial deposits) from 8 cars.

Can you please remember that if any money is deposited into the bank, please send me an email letting me know.

Our experience last year is that even if money is deposited with a reference number, sometimes that reference number does not come through – so an email would be good insurance.

Cheers, Alec
email address – ajmcn@aapt.net.au
5 Malvern Street
Lithgow NSW 2790
02 6352 5474

Fundraising Tips

Sponsorships are often confused with donations. A donation is just that a gift of a product or cash with little or not expected return. The definition of a donation is “free money” with no strings attached, and no return benefits or favours expected.

If you are seeking sponsorship you have to remember that you need to provide tangible benefits in exchange of the cash. It is very important to distinguish between these two fundraising benefits.

The golden rules of selling sponsorships :-
Offer an opportunity – demonstrate what you can do for your sponsor. Target the right companies with the right target audience fit.

Have the right package in terms of
1. Benefit
2. Realistic pricing
3. Have creditability
4. Be professional
5. Be persistent but not a pest.
6. Offer an opportunity not a problem
7. Always acknowledge your sponsors where ever you can

Start at least twelve months before an event if you are seeking any kind of substantial sponsorship. It can take some sponsors months to make a decision and they usually need at least six months to get their leverage program together before the event.

This is for your benefit, as well as the sponsors’. If you get knocked back, you need to have enough time to source another sponsor.

Don’t ever think that once you’ve got the cheque your job is done. If you don’t service sponsors properly, they won’t support you again.

If you have any questions or want to run any ideas past me Please either email or call me.

If you would like to have any special dates put on the website
Please email details to me.

Happy fundraising!



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