February Update

Welcome back to all who enjoyed some well deserved time off over Christmas and New Year with the kids! I hope all your children were chomping at the bit to get back to school. We’ll see how they feel after there first month or so and how the grown ups feel when they realise with the passing of Australia Day, perhaps the festive season is well and truly behind us!

Here we are at February already! – The shortest month of the year, but the best month of the year, but the best month!

Don’t forget boys and girls it’s Valentines Day on the 14 February! Not to mention lots of Aquarians getting ready to celebrate their birthdays.

Last year a Prize from Eric from the Sunset Caravan Park at Woolgoolga donated a holiday to Macca for his dedication to the trek over the last 3 years, trekkers then donated money to give to Eric for the holiday, Eric kindly donated all the monies raised back with all the proceeds going to the Kids! “Thank you Eric that was so generous of you”

Well things have been very hectic for me between work and trying to get my head around all I have to do for this years trek “thanks Macca”.

I know there are probably a lot of you guys out there that have some doubts in your mind about a female organising the trek, well can I assure you I work in a male dominated industry, not to mention growing up with seven brothers so trust me I know what you men are like and what your expectations will be, so please don’t stress I will ensure you enjoy this years trek as much as you have done in previous years.

Queensland Devastation and Destruction

We are certainly all shocked after watching the devastation caused by the Queensland floods and Cyclone. It will take months and possibly years before Queensland fully recovers from flooding and the effects of cyclone Yasi. If you wish to contribute to the disaster relief fund see details below.

Account Name: Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal
BSB: 064 013
Account number: 1000 6800

Message from our treasurer

Thank you to all the trekkers who have been sending in their cheques, could you all ensure that when you deposit money can you make sure you put you car number on the deposit slip as a reference. Can you also drop Alec an email or myself so we can ensure we have it allocated to you car.

Remember!! This year the award for the highest fundraiser will be announced on the Saturday night at our opening function. Please ensure that all your funds are banked well before the night to ensure we have a good picture of monies raised. It is too hard to try and bank a heap of money whilst we are on the trek, not only that it is not safe to have money laying around.

Trek Reunion Update

Don’t forget if you haven’t booked your accommodation for the Trek Reunion you better do so. Fatty assures us all of a great reunion! Well done Fatty and the boys from Goulburn and Crookwell. For further details please contact Fatty on 0408 026490.

Forms on the website

You will find the entry forms on the website, if you have any problems please let me know, there is no password anymore so you should be able to just go straight in and fill it out. As we are filling up fast please ensure you do that asap.


I have been working with Starlight on an updated version of the MOI and we have just about got it right. Starlight is very grateful for the great work and support that all you trekkers give. So let’s not loose sight of the reason we do this so if you haven’t started your fundraising you had better get moving!


A baby girl has arrived for our virgin Trekker Damian Blair and his wife Jess, owners of the Star Hotel in Wauchope. Damian is crewing up with Don in car 71 this year replacing me, look out Damian your in for a fast ride!

We also have our first trek baby ready to be born at any time. Steven and Rachel will become parents anytime soon. Good luck!


Badge (emblem) for a 1994 VR Statesman.
Contact Michelle McDonald on 0417 204850

If you have any notices you want placed in the newsletter please email me details.

Thanks and happy fundraising!

Regards Michelle

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