August 2010

Time is moving very quickly and we have only a little over two weeks before the trek begins in Merimbula on the 21st August. Our first day will be a very busy one with lots of preparation, scrutineering and lots of information to be distributed at the trekkers briefing. To assist you all with your planning I have included in this update an overview of the first day. This document is also available online if you login.

9-12pm – -Trekkers Arrive
– Last minute Car preparations, Auction items to V2,
Show bag items to V2, Meet and greet
12.00pm – Officials Meeting
1 – 2pm – Show bags items
2pm – 3pm – Scrutineering
3.30pm – 5.00pm – trekkers briefing – Compulsory
5pm – 6pm – Church (Not of the Religious kind!)
7pm – Opening Dinner


Thank you to all who have deposited or sent cheques for donations and or their membership fees. Whilst our account is looking OK, we are still waiting on a considerable amount of membership fees. If possible could you please deposit this $$$ as soon as possible.

Please note

1. For cheques posted and or received after Wednesday 11th, these may not be deposited until the end of the trek – if you would like an immediate receipt please bring that cheque with you on the trek and give to me for receipting.

2. If for some reason you have not received a receipt for an amount deposited or cheque sent throughout the year – please see me on the trek and I will issue a receipt.


Show bag Merchandise – our show bags will be compiled between 9am and 12pm on Saturday 21st in the Black Dolphin Car park – please make sure you bring your show bags items to the Trek vans as early as possible. Volunteers to assist with this would be greatly appreciated – please see Bill (Mud Guts) or me in the morning.

1st Night Accommodation – don’t forget to book your accommodation for the Friday evening in Merimbula should you require it.
Auction Items – Please give these to Bill on Saturday in Merimbula.
Remember – Get you cars ready and don’t forget to bring your outfit for our “Mexican” Theme Night.

Don’t forget to VOTE prior to coming on the trek

Download PDF of this news

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