April Update

Welcome to the April edition of our newsletter!

Well it sure seems like a distant memory now but the Trek Reunion held in Goulburn in March was a fantastic weekend! So thanks again to the Goulburn and Crookwell crews for organising a great weekend.


Hope you are all well into your fundraising for this year, remember we are not that far away from August, so if you haven’t been seriously working hard to raise MONEY then you had better get cracking.

If you need any ideas or suggestions please give me a call and we can discuss.

General News

Well it has been a great start to my first year as Trek Director! Thanks to the great weather we have been having. We have now had to change the trek route for this year due to bad weather conditions, the roads on which we were to travel are now covered by flood waters. We have left it as long as possible
before we had to make the decision to change the trek. This is most unfortunate, as I know we were all looking forward to the planned route for this year. I for one certainly was! Now for the big job of cancelling all the accommodation and meals that had been booked, and re book all the new ones.

The 2011 Trek will now be:-
Wauchope, Inverell, Conabarabran, Cobar, Broken Hill (layday in Broken Hill) Griffith and finish in Goulburn.

I am sure it will be still a great trek with lots of good roads to cover and some great stops!

Now we have that sorted we can organise to get your door stickers, you will still organise to get your own numbers.

Officials for this year

Could all officials who intend on coming this year and haven’t yet filled out their entry form please do so, it is easy! Just go to the website and go to the sign up and just fill the form out and that will come to me. (thanks). First in is in!

Auction Items

If you are planning to organise some auction items this year along with merchandise for any school visits, could you please let me know.

What I would like to do this year is have a list prepared of any auction items that we have and work out when and where we do the auctions. Same with the merchandise for the school kids bags, I would like to have all those prepacked.

Certificates – Milestones

This year I would like to organise some certificates for long standing trekkers, if you have been involved for 10 consecutive years or more could you please let me know by sending me an email with the details listed as below.

Car Number
First Name


I would like to organise some trek shirts before the trek this year like the blue ones last year, if you are interested in purchasing a shirt for either yourself or perhaps a sponsor, please let me know. I will be the whole range of merchandise on the website as soon as it is organised.

Message from our treasurer

Just a reminder to ensure that when you bank your money to put your car number on the deposit slip or let Alec know by either email at finance@trek4kidz.com or ring on 026352 5474. If you haven’t paid your entry yet, then you had better get it in real quick!

Entry form on the website

Don’t forget to go to the website and fill out your entry forms!

If you have entered yet you have one 2 weeks to go, I need to confirm accommodation arrangements, so please if you haven’t entered via the website then I don’t know you are going.
www.trek4kidz.com sign up!

Thought for the Day

“The world suffers a lot.
Not because of the violence of bad people,
But because of the silence of good people!”

Napoleon Bonaparte

Fundraising – Why you do what you do!!


Bailey’s Story

At just 6 weeks old Bailey was diagnosed with a serious kidney condition which meant up to 14 doses of medications a day and hospital visits every single week. Sometimes just once or twice a week, sometimes 4-5 times.

Without a doubt, the weekly injections and blood tests were always the days most dreaded. Bailey knew the SECOND a nurse walked in the door what was coming.

Imagine having to watch your child cry in sheer terror every single week.

It was about 3 weeks after Bailey’s sister Kaitlin was born, and roughly 3 months shy of his 3rd Birthday, that Bailey took a bad turn. His kidneys had shut down. Bailey needed a kidney transplant.

The whole family moved into the Hospital – mum Mel and partner Rick, along with baby Kaitlin – with each parent taking it in turns to sleep next to Bailey, or in the parent’s hostel with Kaitlin.

They all spent Christmas day in hospital, with just one wish – that Bailey would be ok.

After a 10 hour operation, with Bailey’s dad donating a kidney, they were confronted by their little boy with what seemed like a million wires and tubes attached to him. Even Dad was wheeled from his operating table to Bailey’s bedside.

But thankfully the news was good, the operation was a success!

BaileyFinally, this Christmas Bailey is a healthy, energetic and playful 4 year old boy, and his family feel they may just have reached the light at the end of the tunnel.

Bailey’s Starlight Wish is to visit Movie World on the Gold Coast – when he sees Movie World on TV
he jumps up and down yelling “mummy, mummy, look, look, look, I want to go to that one!”

You can help grant this very brave little boy’s Starlight Wish and give the whole family a chance to
re-energise, spend some quality time together and just have fun.

Please donate now. It’s because of YOU – and only because of people like YOU – that children’s Starlight Wishes can come true.

Thanks and happy fundraising!

Regards Michelle

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