April 2010

Fantastic to see trekkers enthusiastic and busy organising events and fundraisers in their local communities. Look what is happening in Port Macquarie and Wauchope over the coming months!

Port Macquarie Golf Day
6th June & Christmas in July on
2nd July – for more information
contact Max on 0413184576

Wauchope Golf Day on 4th July –
more info on this contact Don on

Dave and Gail Moore are having a
live band and function in July –
for more information about this
please contact Dave or Gail @

Bowls Day

Will be coming up in June and July also – more information about this event next newsletter

If you are having a function in your local area and would like everybody to know about it and hopefully get other trekkers to attend– please send me the details and I will add it to our updates.

Also we would all love to hear how your function went ! It is great to celebrate your achievements as a group.

Let’s get busy!

The trek is only 122 days away and it time now to ramp things up in regards to your fundraising and car preparation. Congrats to Car 73 who was given a $5000.00 donation two weeks ago and Car 54 for $2000 worth of donations – excellent responses for your efforts. Keep it up – the more $ the better.

Fundraising in your local communities can be very rewarding and surprisingly easy if you are prepared and have a plan/goal in mind. Here are some common and easy fundraising ideas you may like to try.
*Cadbury Chocolates
*Car wash
* Car sponsorship (business logo on car)
* Golf/Bowls Days
* Rubber Duck Races
* BBQ’s
* Head Shave Days
* Raffles
* Biggest Loser Competitions.

Tip: Always follow up leads and be realistic about what you are after. Businesses are doing it tough at the moment so offering them an option that suits the current climate will generally be more successful. And, don’t forget to thank them via a letter and a certificate once the donation is received.

Please contact me should you require any additional information or ideas in regards to these ideas.
Remember the better planned you are, the better overall result – Good Luck and let’s get busy!


Entries are now closed! Thank you to all the trekkers who have responded to my requests in previous newsletters and are returned all the forms required to enter the trek. Please find included in this newsletter a list of trekkers and officials for the year. You will notice that some car #’s have an asterix (*) next to it, this indicates that I require more information from you. If you are unsure about the missing information, please contact me and I will let you know what it is. If there is an error in the list please contact me urgently so I can adjust the database accordingly.

Thank you to those trekkers who have begun depositing your donations into our account. Remember that each of you are required to pay your $1000.00 membership contributions prior to the trek, this money covers the cost of all meals (except lay day) and all your accommodation for the week. Very shortly each of you will be receiving an invoice for this amount and it would be appreciated if it could be paid ASAP. If for some reason you are unable to pay please contact me to make another arrangement.

Fun Centre Upgrades

In 2009 part of our donations were allocated towards the upgrade of Fun Centres in regional hospitals where our trekkers are based. The two hospitals – Goulburn and Tweed have already had these installed so if you wish to recognise this via media in your communities please contact me and we can discuss your options.

Van Update

Over the coming weeks out two vans will be sign-written for this years trek. A big thanks to D’art Designs for our van wraps but also to “Stickers” at Stickerman Signs in Coffs for his time and effort in preparing the vinyl.

See tables and other info inside the PDF.

Download PDF of this news

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